Mysterious alien flash drives

I think I might start updating on Mondays instead. I mean, to begin with, I think I might start updating at all. But it will probably also be on Mondays.

So someone on Tumblr asked what's up with Ironborn, my old webcomic that wrapped up in 2014 (and the old website for which has since fallen off the internet). I started uploading it to this site a while ago, but stopped because... well, honestly I lost interest because re-uploading a comic page by page is kind of tedious work, and I didn't think anyone wanted to read it. Turns out I was wrong! So I'll be uploading more of that now, at whatever pace I can be bothered with.

These days I think Ironborn is fairly terrible, but I guess the only thing dumber than having a crappy old comic on your site is having half of one.